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The inspiration behind the collections:

Meet Orli. 

The Orli collection was an inspirational collaborative process. When Shira, Rivka, and I got together to discuss the possibility of creating a design together, empowering women was our main goal. What could we create that could inspire the everyday Jewish woman? How do we tie that into a Jewish theme?


Together, we explored high and low to piece together something from the soul.


With Channukah fast approaching, our theme was shining light. 


Shining your light out to the world. To be unabashedly you, without the pressures of society.

"קומי אורי כי בא אורך"

"Shine Your Light."

Then we worked on the design of our woman. 


Who was she? What is her pose? Why is she here?


We created a woman wearing a scarf, representing the multitude of Orthodox women who practice this beautiful mitzvah. She is full of inner-power. It flows forth from her radiating light and peace.

The Affirmation Collection was a process of renewing.

I created these designs for myself when I was seeking daily inspiration to get through a difficult time. Then I took one of The Layers Writing Workshops and was inspired by learning how affirmations and writing can be a daily practice to support my life and mental health. 


Together as a team, we worked to integrate the designs and affirmations to create functional products that you can enjoy in your home and wear in your everyday life. 


I hope these designs bring you comfort and support like they have brought me, through all the days of your life. 



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